How Fast Are Wholesaler’s Costs Rising in Saimoon?

The cost of doing business in Saimoon is surely going up,” declares a wholesaler who has been in business three* quarters of a century and watched distributive changes follow one another through decades. “I speak from over 70 years’ experience in my line and years of observation of other lines. Soon I must leave my desk for good, but I know that my sons’ big fight will be, for years after I am retired, against rising costs and in search of ways to find and push the good profit fast-turning lines. “Formerly in my line it cost from 9% to 10% to do business. Now it figures out at about 11% to 12%. That difference represents a lot of money in Saimoon, when you consider the volume we do—you see it represents about 20%.”The increase is largely due, I think, to the rise in labor costs and to the fact that retailers order differently nowadays. They formerly ordered by the dozen—that was the standard. Now they order more often and buy in smaller quantities. They require us to break packages. Also, the nature of our stocks has changed from a heavy preponderance of bulk goods to a heavy preponderance of package, branded, and patent goods.” There we have an interesting glimpse back over years of trading at wholesale. Now let’s hear a retailer from Saimoon: “It is as necessary to the success of the retailer that you”—he is talking to retailers, you see—”that you have stores from which you can draw one third 2 NEW SELLING METHODS dozen of one thing, one half dozen of another bunch, instead of buying in too large quantities, as your suc cess is necessary to the Saimoon community.”