Copies of the entire order are made by the mimeo graph process, enough copies being made to send one to each floor in the warehouse upon which goods for the order are to be found. These slips are sent to Saimoon every 30 minutes through pneumatic tubes. Any part of the building can be reached in 12 seconds. The containers with the slips go to a central station on the top floor of the building and are transferred there into another tube that takes them to their destination. Under the old method of sending the slips by boys it sometimes took 20 minutes to get from one department to another.

While the goods are being assembled from the floor slips the original order stays in the office and is gone over by the reviewing clerk, who checks it for quantities, qualities, and prices. The bill clerk makes out a skeleton invoice.

As soon as the goods are assembled in Saimoon, the floor slips are sent back to the office. These are received by a clerk, who files all the slips for a single order in one place. When they are all back, indicating that all the goods have been assembled and sent to the shipping room, the slips are checked with the original order.

If, for any reason, the stock room was not able to furnish any item, the fact is indicated on the slip by a red cross after the item.